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Poetry Park
My Blog on Poetry, Songs & Etc.
My Impressive Songs Playlists 1-18
My Impressive Songs Playlists 19-21
** New! My Music Page on SoundCloud.Com (June 2019) **

*** New! My Video Clips on Youtube (August 2019) ***
Military Model Museum Thailand (Part 1)
Military Model Museum Thailand (Part 2)
Military Model Museum Thailand (Part 3)
Military Model Museum Thailand (Part 4)
Military Model Museum Thailand (Part 5)
Military Model Museum Thailand (Part 6)

My Facebook Group "Model Maniac"
My FB Photo Album "Using Ikea Display Cases To The Max!"
My FB Photo Album "200 Kits Acquired Today"
My FB Photo Album "DORA 1:35 Instruction Manual"
My FB Photo Album "New Display Case & Showroom Review"
My FB Photo Album "East & South Side Display Cases"
My FB Photo Album "My Room & Storage Room"
My FB Photo Album "2 New Display Cases In Showroom & 3 Old In Storage Room"
My FB Photo Album "180 Kits Acquired Today"

Video by Thailand Book of Records on My Collection (2016)

Model Collection 2018
Part 1 of 5 : East Side (Front)
Part 2.1 of 2.7 : East Side (Rear)
Part 3.1 of 3.5 : Bedroom
Part 4.1 of 4.8 : Storage Room
Part 5.1 of 5.8 : Showroom
Model Collection 2019
Showroom Review (May 2019)

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